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Wigs from the woods
The baroque era and French rococo have enchanted me since childhood. It's a storehouse for creativity and inspiration. There was never a historical era with such richness in the detail of the clothing and accessories. The costumes of the baroque era were the quintessence of beauty, affectation, and utter uselessness.

This is art for art's sake aesthetics for aesthetics, no practical sense. But they are beautiful. I made a series of wigs. Paper helps to highlight in this case the main form and not be obsessed unnecessary details.
Process of Creation
Making the wigs and costumes is a long process and very hard work. First Asya makes a sketch, work out the details, and carefully study the material. The wigs are not a complete historical reproduction: every piece is different, a stylization.

Asya creates baroque dresses and wigs without drawing anything on her paper, using a scalpel. Magically, from a sheet of filter paper, her hands create just the right folds on the dresses, just the right flourishes, flowers, and lace for costumes from this period.
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More projects
In addition to her baroque costumes, Asya has another series, paper wedding dresses, entitled "Red Book". After studying the art of the people of Eastern Siberia, the artist embarked on the "Shaman Women" project, creating Mongolian costumes. She also opened a museum in Surgut, whose ceiling is decorated with a huge paper polar bear.
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Young in White is a limited series of 9 prints. Each photograph has its own title and its own symbolism — airiness, light, brightness, vividness, as well as a unique look. Naturally, all of them are girls in baroque paper costumes and wigs from Asya Kozina, but each has its own one-of-a-kind style and gestures. The project, with an indescribable lightness and yet so expressive, added to the virgin white color of the clothing,
is a very original work of Russian paper art.
Photographers: Daniil Falishtynsky, Anastasia Andreeva
Photographer's assistant: Dina Kharitonova
Makeup: Valeria Barabanova, Marina Sysolyatina, Svetlana Dedushkina
Asya Kozina
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— Paper for me is magic. When I see a white piece of paper on a table, I feel like I can make it into anything I want. I experimented with colors, painted my work, but in the end I stuck with completely white paper. I first worked with simple filter paper. Not long ago I switched to synthetic paper. It's better for our models, since it's a bit sturdier and lighter. The pieces I can make from it are not as fragile as those from regular cardboard. The works become less "disposable".

Asya Kozina & Gridchinhall

Nowadays Asya Kozina works in close cooperation with GridchinHall gallery
and residence that has opened an office in New York in 2015. The objective behind
having a GridchinHall in the US is to popularise and sell modern Russian art.

Sergey Gridchin, the founder and a partner of GridchinHall NYC has noted that, "paper art is a relatively new phenomenon in Russia, despite the fact that Asya Kozina has been working seriously in it for about 10 years. But this genre of art came into the spotlight long ago in other parts of the world and has an honored place in the history of world art, right alongside pop art, land art, and many other different styles".

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Sales & Development — Stephan Korsakov
+1 917 972 7112

Partnership & Collaboration — Alexandra Falishtynskaya
+7 985 2578587

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Cover photo Credits:
  • Idea & Style: Xiangyu Liu
  • Photography: Danil Falishtynsky
  • Make-up: Daria Kholodnykh
  • Model: Elizaveta Zhelyabova
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